Do you have a complaint? Call us at 070 – 82 00 272.
Or send us your complaint via the contact form or in writing to: ETL Accountants en Adviseurs, Alexanderstraat 10, 2514 JL  Den Haag.

We will then discuss whether an appointment should be made by telephone or in person in order to further review or explain the complaint. Should the complaint concern an employee of ETL Accountants en Adviseurs, then we advise you to first search for a solution with the person in question. If that does not work, then contact Brenda van den Burg-Brands. If the complaint has to do that person, then you can contact Rosemarie Wielinga-de Winter RA.

The complaint is submitted. Now what?
ETL Accountants en Adviseurs handles your complaint with the greatest care and urgency. If we are not able to investigate the substance of the complaint within a short time, we will inform you of that. You can always request further information. It is our goal to complete the handling of your complaint within three weeks. After your complaint has been handled, you will receive a written confirmation of the procedure from us.

Taking into account the regulations of the profession, all steps that are take and/or undertaken will be documented. It goes without saying that we will handle information you provide carefully and confidentially. Should it be necessary to get external advice concerning the complaint, then you will be asked to grant your consent to make relevant information and/or documents available to the external party. We see to it that that the confidentiality of the relevant information and/or documents is preserved.