Rosemarie Wielinga


Rosemarie Wielinga is an accountant and partner with BNA (Bureau Notariaat en Advocatuur) in Baarn, specialized in services to notaries and attorneys.


After a career with the regulatory agency for notaries, Rosemarie came to work in 2000 with BNA Bureau Notariaat & Advocatuur. Since 2006, she has been one of the partners in BNA. Rosemarie has good contacts with the industry organizations. She uses the knowledge and experience she has developed for advising her clients. She finds the profession of notary to be extremely interesting, with unique characteristics and preferences. She also feels at home in an office that works specifically for notaries. Rosemarie has a great deal of knowledge and experience with notaries. She is also an instructor for the professional training for notaries and gives lessons to accountants about notaries and annual accounts. With her knowledge in the area of salaries, she has good contacts with the various pension funds within the industry. Together with a team of about 20 colleagues, Rosemarie and Pieter den Ouden have made BNA into the largest industry accountant for notaries and attorneys in the Netherlands.

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