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Doing Business in the Netherlands

2019-05-16T13:09:38+00:0016 May 2019|

Doing Business in the Netherlands is a practical guide to help you to deal effectively and efficiently with the most important issues that you might face upon your arrival in the Netherlands. It offers information [...]

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Wages Special 2019

2019-02-05T14:54:00+00:005 February 2019|

In the comprehensive document Wages Special 2019 you will find all current information about the most important subjects for you as an employer or HR employee. This publication sets out the latest key figures, including [...]

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2019 Budget Memorandum Special

2018-10-01T11:58:16+00:001 October 2018|

The most important plans that affect you and your business Reduction in rates of income and corporation tax, abolition of dividend tax, accelerated reduction in mortgage interest relief, restriction of the duration of the 30% [...]

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  • ETL takes the first step in the Dutch accounting market

ETL takes the first step in the Dutch accounting market

2018-10-10T14:04:12+00:0017 February 2017|

With four locations, ETL has taken a first step in the Dutch accounting market. The organization was already represented in 44 countries, but since 1 October has also had offices in The Hague, Baarn, Arnhem [...]

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ETL Accountants and Advisors

Specialist in the area of accounting and consultancy

ETL offers a wide range of services in the area of accounting, audit, tax advice, legal advice, salary processing, mergers and acquisitions and management consultancy. You have your hands full with your business.

Every day, there are new questions, opportunities and challenges that you want to be able to respond to quickly. Then it is a nice thought that the operations are arranged well through one personal advisor. Through this person, you have a team of financial, legal and organizational experts behind you, personally involved and at home in your industry and region. And do you want to do business internationally? Then our specialists in international business are available to you.

Accountant and financial sparring partner
Our accountants provide an added value for you and your enterprise. You are confronted with diverse issues every day. The accountants of ETL are happy to serve as financial and economic sparring partner to answer your questions. Evaluation and personal advice are central in that. We like to let the numbers speak for themselves. We can thus indicate what the business results say about your enterprise, which investments are advisable and how you can get credit to invest.

Our employees are happy to collaborate with you. What question or goal do you have for your business or private life? From business plan to a financing request or from legal issues to company acquisition or merger. And whatever phase you are in: from starter to seasoned entrepreneur.

Support with your administration
We understand at ETL very well that you want to focus 100% every day on your core activities. We therefore ensure that you literally do not have to think about things like salary and business administration.

Depending on what you want, we can also support you or even manage the administration for you. We use, among other things, the accounting program Twinfield, which makes your administration a good deal simpler. With online bookkeeping, you save significantly on your finances. Our specialists can offer you the whole administrative process online and spare you the high costs of purchase and annual maintenance of such software. Another practical advantage is that you can always review and manage your administration online.

Broad network with ETL Nederland
ETL Nederland has multiple locations. Of course as a SMB entrepreneur, you can turn to all the locations for all services. At ETL Nederland, we have big goals for growth. We are always looking for new colleague firms who would like to join us. For example, existing accounting firms who are looking for a collaboration partner, or firms that want to sell their portfolio. Each location within ETL Nederland also retains its own autonomy. By working together, we can benefit from each other’s knowhow and specialities. Read more about the possibilities here.