With four locations, ETL has taken a first step in the Dutch accounting market. The organization was already represented in 44 countries, but since 1 October has also had offices in The Hague, Baarn, Arnhem and Doetinchem.

‘We have big growth goals’, says managing director Vanessa Hadinegoro from ETL Nederland. ‘We focus on existing accounting firms that are looking for a collaboration partner. In addition, they can also better serve their international clients through the worldwide network of ETL. We are open in particular for offices who want to sell their portfolio.’
Hadinegoro notes that the industry is very much on the move and that the work of a financial services provider is becoming increasingly complex. ‘By working together, you can benefit from each other’s knowhow and specializations.’ She also emphasizes that each location within ETL Nederland maintains its own autonomy. ‘ETL has become big worldwide by staying small. We believe very strongly in the power of local offices with employees who know the region and have their roots there’, according to Hadinegoro.

The first five locations of ETL in the Netherlands opened as of 1 October under the ETL name in combination with the existing name in the region. ‘That way, each office clearly shows that it is part of the broad network with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Also internationally!’