Notary, attorney or goals in a career in these industries? Our office in Baarn, which works under the name ETL BNA Bureau Notariaat & Advocatuur, is the largest specialized accounting office within the legal industries in the Netherlands. We are up to date on both national and regional developments in the industry. Our work does not stop with preparing annual accounts and tax returns. We go further. Because we prepare industry comparisons during a book year, we, and our clients, have insight into the recent developments within the industry. We also help in preparing realistic, detailed results and liquidity prognoses, zoomed in per month.
We are the ideal sparring partner when it comes to the optimization of business processes. We speak the language of the industry and translate this into our language and vice versa. Curious about what else we can do for you? Then contact us or see the special website that we have specifically for these industries: Benefit from our expertise. We are also happy to help you in preparing your business plan, handling the financial administration or assisting with mergers and acquisitions.