Working with people for people. Determining the direction together and helping the client to move forward, constantly developing, looking past the limits of the organization with an open mind. A happy client. That is the non-stop drive of ETL.

With us, entrepreneurs have to be able to do business. Care-free. We support them in financial and fiscal areas, and we show them the way to where they want to go. We do that as a team, everyone with their own specialization. We roll up our sleeves, maintain warm and intensive contacts with the client and are sincerely interested in the person and the organization.


Can you identify with our values? Does it also give you a kick to help clients go further, to think proactively with them and to show them the right way? And do you have the goal of giving your career a lift? Then contact us.

Perhaps we will go on the adventure together. As colleagues.

See our list of open positions. You can also send an open application. Write a brief, clear letter and e-mail it with your CV to recruitment. Or contact Angela Hatumena in our HR department, telephone (0314) 369 826.